Anti-vibration Damper For OPGW Cable

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Anti-vibration hammer function

Overhead power lines are affected by wind, ice, low temperature and other meteorological conditions, causing the lines to vibrate and dance. The vibration frequency is high but the amplitude is small. Wind vibration causes the overhead wire to be repeatedly bent at the suspension point, causing material fatigue and eventually leading to strand and wire breakage accidents. The frequency of the dancing is very low, but the amplitude is very large, which can easily cause phase flashover, causing serious accidents such as line tripping, power outages or wire burns. An anti-vibration hammer is just a length of iron rod. Because it is hung at the suspension point of the line tower pole, it absorbs or weakens the vibration energy, changes the swing frequency of the line, and prevents the line from vibrating or dancing.

Product composition: galvanized cast iron hammer head, hot-dip galvanized steel strand, aluminum alloy clamp, stainless steel bolt, etc.


  1. Adopting a typical Harrow design, the frequency protection is sufficient to spread over a wide frequency range from 6Hz to 150Hz, and there are four resonant frequencies within this range.
  2. The hammer head wheat harvesting and hanging wire is permanently bonded and can withstand the mechanical loading under installation, maintenance, operation and other conditions.
  3. The unique shape design does not accumulate ice or water.
  4. Easy to install and safe, without causing damage to wires and ground wires.
  5. The anti-shock hammer adopts an anti-corona design to prevent the occurrence of corona.

Factors causing vibration: blocking distance, tension, wind speed, wind direction, structural dimensions of ground wires and cables, etc.

Scope of application: Suitable for suppressing the vibration of wires and ground wires on overhead power lines.

User guides:

①. The anti-vibration hammer cannot be installed directly on the ADSS/OPGW optical cable. Protective strips should be used to protect the optical cable.

② Calculate the installation distance according to the formula. If it falls on the pre-twisted wire of the hardware guard strip, install it as usual (install directly on the pre-twisted wire of the fitting guard strip); if it exceeds the pre-twisted wire of the fitting guard strip, you need to install anti-vibration Hammer guard line, and the distance between the end of the anti-vibration hammer guard line and the end of the pre-twisted wire of the hardware guard line is greater than 70mm.

③. The large hammer head at the low-frequency end of the anti-vibration hammer faces one end of the tower.

④. Determine the quantity required for each gear according to the operating tension of the optical cable, the size of the span and the terrain.

Anti-vibration Damper For OPGW Cable - ZTO FIBER CABLE
Anti-vibration Damper For OPGW Cable - ZTO FIBER CABLE