Center Tube Micro Air blown Fiber Optic cable

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The Center Tube Micro Air Blown Fiber Optic Cable is a specialized type of fiber optic cable designed for air-blown fiber installation systems. It features a central tube construction and is specifically engineered for microfiber cables. This type of cable is commonly used in indoor and outdoor applications, where flexibility and ease of installation are essential. Optical fibres are housed in a loose tube that is made of high-modulus plastic and filled with tube filling compound. Aramid yarns are placed outside the loose tube as the strength member, then a sheath with grooves is extruded. This type of cable is particularly applicable to air-blowing constructions in access networks.Its number of cores includes: 12 24 36 48 96 144 192 288 cores, etc.


ZTO Center tube micro air blow cable
ZTO Center tube micro air blow cable


  • Perfect cable structure with high fiber density
  • Accurate fiber length balance to ensure stable performance
  • No gel in cable core for water blocking
  • Sheath structure innovation to enhance blowing performance
  • Greater blowing distance
  • Fiber: G.G652D, G.657A1, G657A2 & multi¬†mode fiber


 YD / T769-2010, GB / T 9771-2008, IEC794 and other standards

 In addition to ordinary PE products, if LSZH products choose different  materials, can meet IEC 60332-1 or IEC 60332-3C certification 

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