ASU span 80M 100M 120M

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The ASU fiber optic cable is a type of optical fiber cable designed for outdoor aerial installations. ASU stands for “All-Dielectric Self-Supporting,” indicating that it is a non-metallic cable and does not require additional support elements like steel messenger wires for aerial installations. The fiber optic cable structure is put the ф250μm colored fiber in the PBT loose tube, and two FRP as strengthen member, Cable surface is extruded with a PE outer sheath. It also belongs to overhead fiber optical cable.


ZTO ASU span 80M 100M 120M
ZTO ASU span 80M 100M 120M


  • Small Size and Light Weight
  • Two FRP as strength member to provide good tensile performance
  • Gel Filled or gel free , good waterproof performance
  • Low price ,high fiber capacity
  • Applicable for short span aerial and duct installation   


YD/T 901-2018、GB/T13993 、IECA-596、GR-409、IEC794 and so on standard


ASU cable is being designed For overhead installation, PE outer sheath is applied. The dedicate design of FRP strength member quantity can satisfy the demand on various spans, such as 50M, 80M, 100M, 120M.

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