Flat Oval Drop Fiber Optic Cable GYFXTBY

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Flat Oval Drop Fiber Optic Cable is an arc runway fiber cable, which is made of multiple ( 1 – 12 cores ) 250 μm colored optical fibers ( single-mode or multi-mode fibers ) embedded in the internally filled waterproof compound loose tube made of high-modulus plastic, a non-metallic tensile element ( FRP ) is placed on both sides of the loose tube, and a rip cord is placed on its outer layer, and then the high-density polyethylene is extruded to form an HDPE sheath.


ZTO Flat Oval drop cable GYFXTBY
ZTO Flat Oval drop cable GYFXTBY


  • Accurately  controlling the residual length of optical fiber ensures good tensile  properties and temperature characteristics of optical cable
  • PBT loose tube material has good resistance to hydrolysis, filled with special  ointment to protect the optical fiber
  •  Fiber optic cable is non-metallic structure, light weight, easy laying,  anti-electromagnetic, lightning protection effect is better
  • Larger  number of core than ordinary butterfly-shaped optical cable products, suitable  for access to more densely populated villages
  • Compared with butterfly-shaped optical cable, runway structure products have  stable optical transmission performance with no risk of water accumulation,  icing and egg cocoon
  • Easy to peel, reduce the time of pulling out the outer sheath, improve the  construction efficiency
    It has the advantages of corrosion resistance, UV protection and environmental  protection


 YD / T769-2010, GB / T 9771-2008, IEC794 and other standards
 In addition to ordinary PE products, if LSZH products choose different  materials, can meet IEC 60332-1 or IEC 60332-3C certification 

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