EPFU Micro Air Blown Fiber Optic Cable Fiber Unit

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The EPFU Micro Air Blown Fiber Optic Cable Fiber Unit is a specific type of fiber optic cable designed for microfiber air-blown installation systems. This cable is used as the fiber unit within the air-blown installation process, which involves blowing or pushing microfiber cables through pre-installed ducts or pathways using compressed air. Enhanced Performance Fibre Units (EPFU) Optical fibers and filler elements are arranged in curing photosensitive resins to form a cable core. A low friction sheath is extruded outside the core. The EPFU fiber units contains microfiber optical fibers, which are thinner and more lightweight than standard optical fibers. Microfiber cables are specifically designed for air-blown installation systems due to their reduced air resistance and ease of deployment.


ZTO EPFU Micro air blow cable fiber unit
EPFU Micro Air Blown Fiber Optic Cable Fiber Unit


  • Using G.657.A2 bending insensitive fibers with a small bending radius, applicable to indoor laying
  • Small size and lightweight
  • Unique design of sheath ensuring good air blowing performance¬†


 YD / T769-2010, GB / T 9771-2008, IEC794 and other standards

 In addition to ordinary PE products, if LSZH products choose different  materials, can meet IEC 60332-1 or IEC 60332-3C certification 

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