Stranded Loose Tube Micro Air Blown Fiber Optic Cable GYFY

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The Stranded Loose Tube Micro Air Blown Fiber Optic Cable GYFY is a specialized type of fiber optic cable designed for micro air-blown fiber installation systems. It features a stranded loose tube design, making it suitable for outdoor and indoor applications where flexibility and ease of installation are essential. Large core number air blowing cable GYFY cable structure is the phi 250 mu m optical fibers are jacketed high modulus material made of loose tube, the loose casing pipe is filled with waterproof compound, loose tube around the center of the strengthen core twist synthetic compact round cable core, the cable core gap mid to moisture-proof waterproof yarn, then extruding PE sheathed cable.


ZTO Stranded loose tube micro air blow cable GYFY
ZTO Stranded loose tube micro air blow cable GYFY


  • Small outside diameter, light weight, easy to lay.
  • Adopt semi dry structure, construction is clean and tidy.
  • Loose tube material itself has a good water resistance and high strength.
  • special tube filling compound ensure a critical protection of fiber.
  • Adopt the following measures to ensure the waterproof performance of the optical cable.
  • Loose tube filled with special waterproof compound.
  • Using dry type of water blocking material, the whole section of water resistance, to prevent the optical cable vertical seepage.


Using microtubule resources, especially for the backbone network, access network and fiber to the home.
Cabling costs are low and suitable for upgrading the old city and building network.


 YD / T769-2010, GB / T 9771-2008, IEC794 and other standards

 In addition to ordinary PE products, if LSZH products choose different  materials, can meet IEC 60332-1 or IEC 60332-3C certification 

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