Micromodule FO Cable (Module 12)

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This micro-module fiber optic cable is designed for outdoor installation in duct by pulling, jetting orfloating technics. Mainly used for distribution and access network. Finger access to the fibers: no specific tool to open the elastomeric micro-module. This rigidity due to the rods embedded in the jacket avoids bends during installation andexcessive buckling of the cable. High tensile strength and crush resistance.


Micromodule Fiber Optic Cable (Module 12) Manufacturer
ZTO Micromodule FO Cable (Module 12)


  • With excellent mechanical and environmental properties
  • Has good bending performance, easy to install
  • The unique extruding technology provides the fibers in the tube with good flexibility and bending endurance
  • The unique fiber excess length control method provides the cable with excellent mechanical and environmental properties
  • Multiple water blocking material filling provides dual water blocking function


Standard IEC 60793-1, IEC 60793-2, IEC 60794-3-10, EN 50290-2-24


  • FTTH GPON – Telecom
  • Outdoor Installations

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