Suspension Clamp For OPGW Cable

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Pre-twisted suspension clamps are used for suspension and support of optical cables on linear towers. The cable clamp is used to transmit axial load and disperse radial compressive stress, which plays a good role in protecting the optical cable and avoiding abnormal situations such as too small bending radius and stress concentration in the optical cable. The gripping force of the cable clamp is 15% -20% greater than the rated tensile strength of the optical cable. It has excellent fatigue resistance and can also play an auxiliary vibration reduction role for power optical cables.

Product Features: The pre-twisted suspension clamp distributes the stress of the suspension point to the entire length of the pre-twisted wire, effectively reducing the static pressure on the OPGW optical cable and the dynamic stress caused by breeze vibration, avoiding damage to the OPGW optical cable, and greatly improving the efficiency of the optical cable. Anti-fatigue properties extend the service life of optical cables.

OPGW pre-twisted suspension clamps are divided into double-layer pre-twisted wire single suspension point suspension clamps (referred to as single suspension clamps), double-layer pre-twisted wire double suspension point suspension clamps (referred to as single suspension clamps) according to the line span, drop and tension. Double suspension cable clamp)

OPGW double suspension clamp for optical cable The double suspension clamp adopts a double suspension head design, including inner and outer pre-twisted wire, two sets of suspension heads, grounding clamps and supporting connectors, etc. Double suspension clamps are mainly used for suspending and supporting optical cables on linear towers with high drop heights, large spans or line angles greater than 30°.

Suspension Clamp For OPGW Cable - ZTO FIBER CABLE
Suspension Clamp For OPGW Cable - ZTO FIBER CABLE